101 Favorite Play Therapy Techniques - Heidi Kaduson, Charles Schaefer - 702821

101 Favorite Play Therapy Techniques

Editor(s) : Heidi Kaduson, Charles Schaefer

Paperback, 420 pages.

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This book is an amazing resource for play therapy techniques. The contributors come from a diverse group including child-centered, cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, Jungian, psychodynamic, and prescriptive play therapy. Provides therapists with 101 powerful tools for working with children, including art, games, puppetry, toys, and group play. Separated into seven sections for easy reference, this is a valuable resource for anyone working with children.

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Building on children’s natural inclinations to pretend and reenact, play therapy is widely used in the treatment of psychological problems in childhood. 101 Favorite Play Therapy Techniques incorporates methods developed to elicit the best responses from children by therapists representing cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and other orientations, and selected for their practicality, specificity, and originality. Arranged for easy reference, each bearing a succinct description and targeted application, the interventions illustrated—including Fantasy, Storytelling, Expressive Arts, Game Play, Puppet Play, Play Toys and Objects, and Group Play—have been used with success to address such common problems as low self-esteem and unresolved fear and anger, as well as more serious difficulties arising from loss, abuse, and sexual trauma. All the contributors share the enthusiasm and respect of editors Kaduson and Schaefer for the special value of play therapy in reaching and healing young patients. Together, they have created an eclectic, accessible, and comprehensive resource for students and professionals that will also support parents seeking to open new lines of communication with their children.

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