4000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone - Barbara Ann Kipfer - 426247

4000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone

Author(s) : Barbara Ann Kipfer

Paperback, 297 pages.

Item #426247

What has happened to the art of conversation? In the age of the Internet, speed dating, and frantic text messaging, have we forgotten how to meaningfully connect? This book of 4,000 provocative questions will help you get to know anyone and everyone in every social situation. Use it to go beyond small talk at parties, networking events, dates, dinner tables, and road trips. It's for getting to know someone you just met and learning a lot more about someone you thought you already knew (who may be yourself).

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Product Description

4,000 ways to achieve instant intimacy. With new and updated questions!

What, more than anything, makes you angry?
Who were your childhood idols?
What kind of leader are you most inclined to follow?

·A perfect social tool for the Internet generation
·Features thematic sections on lifestyle choices, pastimes, politics, family, and more
·A resource for self-discovery and for journalists and writers doing interviews and developing characters, plots, and story lines


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