8 Keys to Old School Parenting for Modern-Day Families - Michael Mascolo - 709360

8 Keys to Old School Parenting for Modern-Day Families

Author(s) : Michael Mascolo

Paperback, 288 pages.

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Raising secure and confident kids using best parenting practices from the past. Foreword by Babette Rothschild.




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Does it ever seem to you like kids these days are in control of their parents?

Having a strong sense of yourself as a parent is key to raising a resilient, independent, thoughtful, and solution-focused child. But over the last several generations, parents have been immersed in the well-intentioned idea that parenting should be child-centered rather than adult-centered. Many parents have begun to follow their children’s lead rather than insist that children adapt to parental prerogatives. Parental authority has come to be seen as a bad thing.

The 8 keys presented in this book focus on valuing your own authority as a parent; cultivating your child’s character; applying discipline instead of punishment; strategies to motivate compliance; fostering emotional development; problem-solving; conflict management; and effective communication. They will help parents raise self-directed children who are active learners, feel good about themselves, take initiative, and have a strong moral compass.


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