A Volcano in My Tummy Helping Children to Handle Anger - Pudney Warwick, Eliane Whitehouse - 713499

A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger

Author(s) : Pudney Warwick, Eliane Whitehouse

Paperback, 80 pages.

Item #713499

This workbook helps 6-12 year-old children handle their anger. The easy-to-use games and exercises suggest ways for children to constructively work with their angry feelings.

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Product Description

This book presents a clear and effective approach to helping children and adults alike understand and deal constructively with children’s anger. The book offers engaging, well-organised activities which help to overcome the fear of children’s anger which many adult care-givers experience, and distinguishes between anger the feeling, and violence the behavior. Primarily created for ages 6 to thirteen, it is accessible for use in class or at home.


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