Active Interventions for Kids and Teens - Jeffrey Ashby, Terry Kottman, Donald DeGraaf - 202568

Active Interventions for Kids and Teens: Adding Adventures and Fun to Counseling

Author(s) : Jeffrey Ashby, Terry Kottman, Donald Degraaf

Paperback, 224 pages.

Item #202568

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The Terry Kottman, Jeff Ashby & Donald DeGraaf offer great suggestions on how to integrate fun into a K-8 developmental guidance curriculum. Through games, activities, and initiatives counselors can help students create and work towards specific social/emotional goals. Includes step-by-step lesson plans and cross referenced appendix. Scroll down for additional details.

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Product Description

Active Interventions for Kids and Teens contains 50 action-oriented activities that can be used in groups with children, adolescents, and adults. Combining fun with proven adventure therapy strategies, the activities are designed to stimulate learning, promote social and emotional development, cultivate skills, foster change, and encourage teamwork. For quick and easy use, each activity lists age range, game rules, goals and objectives, materials required, modification suggestions, and post-activity processing and discussion questions. Additionally, helpful matrixes organize the activities by type, goals, objectives, and grade levels to help group leaders find the right activity at the right time.


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