Ancient Ethics for Todays Healers - Geral Blanchard - 657742

Ancient Ethics for Today's Healers

Author(s) : Geral Blanchard

Paperback, pages.

Item #657742

Drawing from both ancient wisdom traditions of the earliest shamanic healers and sacred principles of indigenous medicine people, Geral Blanchard offers best practice guidelines for contemporary psychotherapists to traverse the modern and ancient healing path. In Ancient Ethics for Today's Healers, Blanchard embraces a deeply humane and passionate practice and challenges us to embed ourselves in indigenous thinking – what Native Americans refer to as the Original Instructions.

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Product Description

From the rainforests of the Amazon to the African savannas, Geral has encountered some of the most intriguing and enlightening tribal elders who will inform your mind and open your heart. Ancient Ethics for Today’s Healers will take you on a unique journey around the world in search of your guiding North Star.


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