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Aquaman Miniature

Item #S22517

Aquaman is perfect to use in the sand tray and in fantasy play. Ages 3 & up. Colors may vary slightly from the picture.

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Product Description

Aquaman is the ruler of the Kingdom of Atlantis. He can breathe under water and swim incredibly fast. He combats evil together with the other Justice League heroes.

Aquaman is one of the Justice League DC super heroes. He is the ruler of the Kingdom of Atlantis, the hidden city in the sea. He can therefore not only breathe under water, but also communicate with all aquatic creatures by means of telepathy. He swims at an unimaginable speed and is also nearly just as fast on land. He combats the evil of the world side by side with his Justice League friends.

Fun Fact
Aquaman wears a telepathically controlled arm prosthetic.


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