Discipline with Love and Limits - Jerry Wyckoff, Barbara Unell - 112744

Discipline with Love & Limits: Calm, Practical Solutions to the 43 Most Common Childhood Behavior Problems

Author(s) : Jerry Wyckoff, Barbara Unell

Paperback, 176 pages.

Item #112744

Discipline with Love & Limits provides calm, practical solutions to the 43 most common childhood misbehaviors, like: Whining, Temper Tantrums, Mealtime Meltdown, Too Much Screen Time, Bullying and Biting, Disobeying, Not Sharing, Resisting Bedtime, Getting Out of Bed, Leaving a Mess, Travel Meltdowns, Resisting Carseats, Talking Back, …and many more!

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Product Description

This amazing book has taught over 800,000 parents to more effectively manage the most common preschool behavior problems in a loving yet firm way. It now contains new information about, mindful parenting, teaching empathy and inclusiveness, reducing stress in your child’s environment, increasing your child’s frustration tolerance and ability to delay gratification, dealing with generational conflicts, and includes brand new sections on:

• New brain research findings on the effects of spanking and threats on children

• New information on setting up an effective parenting team

• New techniques for establishing positive relationships with your children

The easy-to-use text has been formatted like a first-aid manual for handling misbehavior. Each section includes:

• A description of the “symptoms,” the causes, and a general approach to corrective action.

• Preventive steps to avoid the problem.

• Practical solutions for the misbehavior.

• Important information about what to do.

• A case history that shows how parents like you successfully handled the problem, using advice from this book.

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