Group Filial Therapy - Louise Guerney, Virginia Ryan - 109112

Group Filial Therapy: The Complete Guide to Teaching Parents to Play Therapeutically With Their Children

Author(s) : Louise Guerney, Virginia Ryan

Paperback, 448 pages.

Item #109112

An informative and pragmatic resource for therapists as they coach parents in Filial Therapy. Guerney and Ryan discuss the Group Filial Therapy structure, and the program's aim, as well as the main skills that parents will mater in order to lead constructive play sessions with their own children. This book provides a revolutionary step-by-step manual for the 20-week training process and its various adaptations.

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Product Description

Suitable for those who working therapeutically with children and their families, including play and family therapists, mental health practitioners, social workers, parenting experts and foster and adoptive careers, this book addresses practical considerations, such as how to determine the composition of groups and the duration of programs.


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