Group Play Interventions for Children - Linda Reddy - 810558

Group Play Interventions for Children: Strategies for Teaching Prosocial Skills

Author(s) : Linda Reddy

Paperback, 295 pages.

Item #810558

This book is for mental health practitioners working with children aged 5 through 12 to help them learn social skills such as making friends, asking for and offering help, controlling their movements and using appropriate words.

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Product Description

Author Linda Reddy lays out the grounding principles of group play interventions and sketches out the most common disorders and symptom sets for which children are referred for play therapy. She then offers practical suggestions for forming play groups and for managing instruction and behavior, as well as a chapter on how to make the most of caregivers’ skills and interests to maintain children’s progress. Step-by-step instructions are given for teaching, modeling, organizing, and coaching children through skill sequences and fun, developmentally appropriate games. Detailed lists of preparatory and follow-up actions are also provided, as well as tips on tailoring instruction to children’s ages and special needs. Positive interactions are emphasized throughout the book, from parent interviews through implementation and questions for the children post-training.

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