Let's Play Rock Paper Scissors

Let’s Play Rock, Paper, Scissors: A Playfully Connecting, Social, Communication Book Game

Author(s) : Robert Jason Grant

Paperback, 42 pages.

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Let’s Play Rock, Paper, Scissors is a creatively designed book game. Therapists, school counselors, parents, and other professionals working with children and adolescents can utilize this book to address a variety of issues. Let’s Play Rock, Paper, Scissors follows a psychoeducational model incorporating elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and relationship development approaches. This book game addresses a plethora of skills children and adolescents may need to improve upon including: improvement in communication ability, social skill development, improvement in engagement and attachment skills, addressing sensory and regulation challenges, improvement in play skills, and relationship development.

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Product Description

Professionals and parents can have a fun and engaging experience with children and adolescents through the connection activities, and can ask follow up questions and role model when participating in the interactive options. Children and adolescents who will benefit from this game book include: those struggling with communication and social skills, those struggling with emotion regulation and engagement, and those with a diagnosis of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing struggles, and related disorders.

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