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Outgrowing the Pain: A Book for and about Adults Abused as Children

Author(s) : Eliana Gil

Paperback, 96 pages.

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Outgrowing the Pain is an important book for any adult who was abused or neglected in childhood. It’s an important book for clinicians who treat victimized individuals. It’s a book of questions that can pinpoint and illuminate destructive patterns. This much-needed book pinpoints the typical problems abused children experience when they become adults. It offers hope to survivors. The information is presented in a friendly and thorough manner for victims and professionals. This text is available in Spanish (Superando el Dolor)

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This reader-friendly text by Eliana Gil is a gem. She addresses many of the issues and questions survivors deal with everyday. Do you have trouble finding friends, lovers, acquaintances? Once you find them, do they dump on you, take advantage of you, or leave? Are you in a relationship you know isn’t good for you? Are you still trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up? Are you drinking too much, eating too much or trying to numb your pain with drugs of any kind? These are just a few of the problems abused children experience when they become adults. You may not realize you were abused. You may think your parents didn’t mean it, didn’t know better, or that others had it much worse. You may not have even made the connection between the past and your current problems.

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