Prescriptive Integrative Play Therapy

Prescriptive Integrative Play Therapy DVD: Series IX- Children & Adolescents

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During the period of middle childhood, which occurs between the ages of 6–12, children will experience social, emotional, and cognitive developmental changes. Such changes can be challenging for therapists treating children within this age group who may have behavioral and psychological disorders.

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Because behavioral and psychological disorders for children and adolescents are multi-layered and complex, often with several overlapping problems, a multifaceted treatment approach is needed.

Dr. Athena A. Drewes’ approach to middle childhood play therapy consists of a prescriptive, integrative method. In this video program, Dr. Drewes demonstrates her therapeutic approach with an eight-year-old child who is a victim of bullying in school, has low self-esteem and anger management problems.

In the session, Dr. Drewes checks in with the client, demonstrates a directive approach using play-based techniques that address the presenting problem issues, and then conducts a nondirective, child-led period of time to facilitate relaxation and self-regulation.

Running Time: More than 100 minutes


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