Prisoner of Innocence

Prisoner of Innocence:

Author(s) : Donna Montegna

Paperback, 130 pages.

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Like every other 10 year old girl, Jenny idolized her grandfather and wanted nothing more than to share precious time enjoying his special warmth and attention. But granddad’s love became different, uncomfortable, and finally tormenting, terrifying sexual abuse.

This Story, written by a now adult Jenny, describes the impact of sexual abuse on a child’s innocence. Ten year old Jenny made diary entries expressing her despair and her pain.  Her many behavioral symptoms go unrecognized by family and professional alike. The isolation, fear and sense of stigmatization are never so clear as in this book.

The reader is  allowed and encouragerd into the child’s world. This book will touch the hearts of survivors and enlighten the professional bringing understanding of why children can’t tell and how they struggle to survive.

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Pub Date: 1989

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