Someone I Know has Multiple Personalities - Sandra Hocking - 872082

Someone I Know Has Multiple Personalities: A Book for Significant Others Family, Friends and Caring Professionals

Author(s) : Sandra Hocking

Paperback, 79 pages.

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Adult survivors of extreme childhood abuse often struggle with dissociative conditions including multiple personalities or identities. Although the ability to dissociate is life-saving and allows individuals to self-protect, it can also interfere in the establishment of intimate relationships. Individuals with multiplicity may lose time, forget important events, or be emotionally unable to cope with certain situations which inadvertantly trigger painful memories.

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Spouses, partners, friends, and family members may feel pressured to do or say the right thing, making tireless efforts to be supportive. And yet without a clear understanding of multiplicity, friends and family may feel under stress or confused.

This book provides practical suggestions for understanding and relating to people you love, who have dissociative conditions or multiplicity. Helping professionals may also find thoughtful ideas useful in the therapy process.

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