Superhero Therapy: Mindfulness Skills to Help Teens & Young Adults Deal with Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma

Author(s) : Janina Scarlet, PhD

Contributor(s) : Wellinton Alves

Paperback, pages.

Item #030330

“What if the struggle you are experiencing is a representation of interpersonal strength?” Janina Scarlet incorporates super heroes & other pop culture figures into evidence-based therapy to help the reader recover from villains like depression, anxiety, shame, & PTSD. The illustrations created by Wellinton Alves, a Marvel & DC Comics illustrator beautifully complement the text. This resource is a must have to teach readers how to conquer their inner monsters, explore their unique superpowers, and become Superheros. The book is highly recommended for teens and adults. I think it could easily be adapted for younger children as well.

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Young Adults, Professionals, School Mental Health Professionals, Adults, Parents & Caregivers, Teens

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