The Secret of the Dragonfly: A Story of Hope and Promise

Author(s) : Gayle Shaw Cramer

Paperback, 32 pages.

Item #424172

This is a gentle story of hope and promise for children of all ages. A grandmother tells her grandchild the secret of the dragonfly. Years later she dies and a letter she leaves for her grandchild reminds the child that, like the dragonfly, they will always be connected.

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Product Description

The Secret of the Dragonfly is about the bonds of love between a grandmother and her grandchild and about transformation. “And always know I will be with you in every memory we have made and all the love we feel for each other.” Told in simple yet elegant prose this story helps children understand the life cycle. Full of hope and love, it provides a gentle and hopeful way to explain death and provide comfort to children of all ages.


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