Toys and Materials for Play Therapy (DVD)

Author(s) : Garry Landreth

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Garry Landreth helps therapists prepare their playroom, with this discussion on appropriate toys in the therapist’s playroom, part of his “Making Contact with Children Through Play” workshop. He discusses the criteria for selecting toys and play materials, and talks about the different categories of toys that a therapist should have in the play room. He also talks about toys that are inappropriate for the play room, practical places to conduct play sessions, and therapeutic issues related to toys and materials.

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Topics explored are:
* Criteria for selecting toys and materials for play therapy
* Categories of toys and materials that should be included in play therapy
* Toys and materials that should not be in a play therapy room
* Therapeutic issues related to toys and materials
* Practical places to conduct play therapy sessions
* A tote bag playroom
* Importance of consistency in the playroom
* Helpful hints for responding to children’s behaviors in the playroom

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