Violence and Mental Health in Everyday Life: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Children & Adolescents

Author(s) : Daniel J. Flannery

Paperback, 219 pages.

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Clinical psychologist Daniel J. Flannery reveals the impact of violence and victimization in the lives of children and adolescents from a developmental perspective. He explores how young people experience violence in their everyday lives and how this impacts their mental health and ability to cope with challenges and crises. His case studies show the significance of these mental health issues for the individual, family, neighborhood, and community. He offers lists of professional resources, including web sites and readings related to violence and mental health. This book will be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, social workers, childcare workers, public health officials, police officers and others who interact every day with young people, to help them understand more about child development and how experiences with violence can affect development and daily life.


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