We’ve come a long way…

Self Esteem Shop is an independent bookstore that caters to mental health professionals and those they serve. While physically located in Casco, Michigan, our staff travels across the continental United States to attend conferences in the mental health field. We are a small business and pride ourselves on the customer service provided by our knowledgeable staff.

Since January 2019, our staff is now led by sisters Nicole Wilbur MSW, LMSW Clinical and Macro, SSW and Kathryn Thomas whom strive to continue to provide the same great books, games, tools and other resources and materials that we have all come to expect from the Self Esteem Shop!

Our History:

Our staff had been led by Deanne “DeeDee” Ginns-Gruenberg for nearly 30 years. DeeDee is the owner of the Self Esteem Shop and a licensed nurse and psychotherapist, specializing in play therapy with traumatized and grieving children. Although she devotes the majority of her time to the store, DeeDee maintains a limited private practice to stay up to date with current trends in mental health.

DeeDee began her education in Nursing School at Michigan State University. Immediately following graduation, she enlisted in the Peace Corps to serve in South America. After her return, DeeDee joined Children’s Hospital in Detroit to work with terminally ill children. It was during her time at the hospital that DeeDee realized that kids don’t always open up to people they are supposed to, but rather to individuals that make them comfortable. With her eyes opened, DeeDee enrolled in the Counseling program at Oakland University. As her passion for the mental health field grew, DeeDee shifted her efforts into these pursuits.

In 1991, DeeDee and her husband Harry bought a small independent bookstore called the Self Esteem Shop. DeeDee has used the knowledge from her graduate education and practical experience working with kids to find the best resources to help mental health professionals and individuals while Harry has managed the finances. Their mom & pop partnership has enabled this independent bookstore to survive. Self Esteem Shop is grateful for the loyal patrons who continue to help us surmount the challenges of the economic climate and competition from online retailers. Without you, there would be no Self Esteem Shop.

In addition to her work at the Self Esteem Shop, DeeDee has ventured into academia. DeeDee has taught an introductory course on play therapy at Oakland University. She has also contributed to books. In 2008, DeeDee and Cathy Malchiodi co-authoredTrauma, Loss & Bibliotherapy: Healing Process of Stories in Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children. In 2011, she wrote Effectively Incorporating Bibliotherapy into Treatment for Child Sexual Abuse in The Handbook of Child Sexual Abuse: Identification, Assessment and Treatment.

In her free time, DeeDee is a voracious reader, enjoys bike riding, skiing, playing tennis, board games, and spending time with her loving family and friends.