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Donor’s Choose Projects can NOW be fulfilled by Self Esteem Shop for Teachers and School staff that have completed at least 2 projects!!!

In an effort to offer teachers and school staff an alternative way to obtain books, games, sensory items and other resources to support socio-emotional learning, mental health support and anything else that may be beneficial to their students and parents, Self Esteem Shop is proud to offer the option to fulfill requests through the Donors Choose Special Project! is a crowdfunding platform for public education that connects citizen and
corporate donors to public school classrooms throughout the country. Simply go to: or email us at: to create custom packages/ quotes as well as to obtain the Donor’s Choose Discount code for your quote (a minimum of 10% off your total order!)
Have a account?
To get started,

  1. Go to your account, create a new Special Request project and
    follow the steps to create your project. You’ll need a price quote from Self Esteem Shop to create
    your projects which can be completed online at and then choosing Purchase Order at check out. Reach out to us at for your coupon code!
  2. Option B: New to is excited to support public school teachers across the country! You can
    confirm your school eligibility and set up an account to get started on a project for your
    classroom right now!
    We encourage teachers to complete the project creation and fulfillment
    experience at least twice before creating a Special Request project. Once you have become a pro
    at creating projects for your classroom, you’ll be ready to create your special request project for
    Self Esteem Shop. If you have questions about your account, check out
    their Help Center or reach the team at

Calm Classroom Links for information and a free downloadable e-book!


Free Piplo Productions downloadable books and materials for COVID-19 in English, Spanish and Chinese

English Story Version:

English Companion to Story:

English Parent Booklet to support the story:

English Feeling Poster:

Large Combined File with Story and supportive booklets:

Webinar Link:

Spanish Links:

Chinese Links:

A Message from Piplo Productions: This  story was developed to help young children and families talk about their experiences and feelings related to COVID-19 and the need to shelter in place. In the story, the coronavirus has spread to Littletown causing changes in everyone’s lives.
The story opens doors to conversations about: COVID-19 -Ways that families and communities are working together to keep safe from the virus. -Family and community strengths -Common challenges and reactions in children and adults -Ways that families support children and each other -Our intense gratitude for frontline workers
We hope this story helps families to talk with each other about their own unique stories, the hard times, the good times, and the ways that they were together.  We also hope the story helps adults feel less alone. 
Along with the book, there is a separate booklet of specific questions that young children may have. Parents can look through this booklet and choose pages they want to include in the story or use the booklet separately with their children. There is also a separate parent guide. You can download each file separately, or download a combined file that contains all three.



Personal Shopping video or in person socially-distanced appointments offered for individuals or groups! 10% off if you keep your appt., additional 5% off anything ordered within 24 hours (15% total!)