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15 Minute Focus – Diversity, Bias, and Privilege

Addressing Racial Inequities to Create Inclusive Learning Environments


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Whom can students turn to when they encounter racism and bias? How are these experiences impacting their mental health? Can students feel safe in our schools? If you have ever asked yourself these questions or had students come to you with concerns about racism and lack of diversity, this book is for you.

As our nation grows in its cultural and ethnic diversity, our school populations have also changed. In an ideal world, schools would serve as a welcoming place for all students regardless of ethnicity. Unfortunately, many schools have become a place of racial discord, racism, bias, and discrimination. Unequal access to services, lack of resources, and biased practices contribute to an education system that fails to educate, serve, and support every student.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • Key terms that provide clarity when discussing race, ethnicity, bias, and privilege
  • The impact of bias and privilege on school performance
  • Tips for building supportive schools of diverse learners
  • Strategies for educators, counselors, and administrators to promote bias-informed education
  • The critical role empathy plays in correcting course
  • Assessments, curated resources, and more!

Each chapter includes a case study that illustrates an aspect of diversity, along with questions to apply the book’s principles in your own context. In addition, Gwyn and Jamison provide a comprehensive list of tools adults can use to become more culturally aware as well as create more culturally diverse and inclusive classrooms and schools.


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