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The Nervous System Workbook

Practical Exercises to Ease Anxiety, Find Safety, and Come Home to Yourself Using Polyvagal Theory


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Preorder Publishing November 2024

A guide for understanding and befriending your body’s unique nervous system—and finding your way back to safety and calm in times of stress.

All our behaviors, emotions, and stories have their roots in our nervous systems—how we feel in our bodies, how we perceive the world around us, and how we connect with others in our relationships. When we’re stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, our nervous systems—and our lives—suffer. In recent years, Polyvagal Theory has produced incredibly effective new tools for regulating our neurobiology. With The Nervous System Workbook, leading Polyvagal expert Deb Dana presents a highly interactive guide for befriending your nervous system and cultivating a sense of safety and well-being.

Beginning with a layperson-friendly overview of Polyvagal Theory, Dana guides you through exercises, practices, and reflections to help you understand, soothe, and train your system—so you can live with less reactivity and more ease. A variety of exercises supports readers of different learning styles.

As Dana writes, “There is no right or wrong way—there is the way of your nervous system.” The Nervous System Workbook is the tool you need to understand the nuances of your body’s unique needs—and respond to those needs when you feel challenged with a custom menu of support strategies that can help you return to a place of safety and connection.

Practical Exercises to Ease Anxiety, Find Safety, and Come Home to Yourself Using Polyvagal Theory, Deb Dana, Sounds True Publishing


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