A Healing Journey: A Workbook for Women- Stephanie Covington

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Beyond Trauma 2nd edition: A Healing Journey for Women, is an evidence-based, twelve-session program created by Dr. Stephanie Covington, pioneer in the field of women’s issues, addiction, and recovery.

The participant workbook is an essential part of the Beyond Trauma program that helps women explore life experiences and the world around them.

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It’s a personal journal where she can write down her feelings, thoughts, and ideas and have an opportunity to try out new ways of coping with the impact of trauma on her life. In using this workbook, she will see her strengths and increase her skills that move her further in life’s journey._x000D_
Workbook modules and sessions include:_x000D_
Module A: Violence, Abuse, and Trauma_x000D_
Session 1: Introduction to the Program_x000D_
Session 2: The Connections between Violence, Abuse, and Trauma_x000D_
Session 3: Power and Abuse_x000D_
Session 4: The Process of Trauma and Reactions to Trauma_x000D_
Module B: The Impact of Trauma on Women’s Lives_x000D_
Session 5: How Trauma Affects Our Lives_x000D_
Session 6: Abuse and the Family_x000D_
Module C: Healing from Trauma_x000D_
Session 7: The Connection between Trauma and Addiction_x000D_
Session 8: Grounding and Self-Soothing_x000D_
Session 9: The Mind and Body Connection_x000D_
Session 10: Our Feelings_x000D_
Session 11: Healthy Relationships_x000D_
Session 12: Endings and Beginnings




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