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Being Whole: A Teen’s Guide Book

Author: Linda Newlin


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A teen's journey of self discovery and learning about essential life skills through this unique guide book of of reading, writing, poetry, reflections, songs and exercises that guide them to know their gifts and passions as well as learn how to navigate their life's journey with healthy like skills and practices around validation, self love, forgiveness, compassion, non-violent communication, persistence, resilience, emotional health and boundary setting, visioning, persistence, self-love, authenticity and physical well being. The foundations of this guide book come from Eco-psychology, Neuroscience, Environmental Stewardship, Somatics, Meditation and Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Non-violent Communication and the Hoffman Quadrinity Process. “I visited Emily in St. Louis this weekend and gave her Being Whole: A Teen’s Guide Book.She cradled it and touched all the pages like it was a friend that she wanted to spend time with. I just watched her. She loved it - the artwork, the feel of the pages, the words, the type, the questions. All of it.”- Mom of a 13 year old"Profound and passionate, this is one of those rare books with the power to touch anyone. Its overarching and healing message is that validating your unique self will allow you to live a life of connection, creativity, wholeness and joy. Thank you for creating this gift for the world." There is a companion validation journal they can purchase to practice beyond their guide book.We envision a world where all people claim their unique gifts and shine their light in the world! Thank you for supporting their wholeness by purchasing this book for all the teens you love or for children who don't have any parents to guide them. A portion of the profits from books, music and journals sold will be given to help teens and children heal from trauma and abuse.

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