A Year of Mindfulness: A 52-Week Guided Journal to Cultivate Peace and Presence -Raye, Jennifer

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Take the path to inner peace one day at a time with this engaging mindfulness journal.

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A year-long journey to more mindful living–day-by-day.
There’s an easier path to living a more peaceful and present life. This mindfulness journal provides effective ways to make practicing mindfulness part of your everyday routine so you can reduce negativity and grow your sense of calm.

This mindfulness journal is broken out into themed weeks, each with 7 unique prompts that allow you to deepen your practice. Discover how to live in the moment as you reflect on being conscious of your body, connecting with nature, or even cleaning your home. A year of more tranquility is at hand–why not begin today?

This year-long mindfulness journal includes:

Weekly themes–Focus on a different aspect of mindfulness each week–centering your body, exploring your mind, taking care of yourself, and appreciating the good things._x000D_
Daily writing–Stay engaged all year long with a mindfulness journal that has 364 prompts, ranging from examining the way you breathe to photographing the world around you._x000D_
Mindfulness made easy–This mindfulness journal is filled with quick and simple exercises that help you live moment to moment.


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