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All You Can Imagine


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Kids learn how imagination gives them the power to connect to themselves, to others, and to the world around them.

Where can imagination take you? From Bernardo Marçolla, author-illustrator of Me and You and the Universe, comes a new book on the power of imagination. All You Can Imagine encourages readers to open their hearts, minds, and eyes to the world around them to let imagination in, foster connections, and explore all the possibilities of the universe.

Imagination and creativity give us the power to connect to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. All You Can Imagine helps children embrace and expand their ideas and imagination, whether these ideas arrive slowly, piece by piece, or suddenly, like a bird taking flight. Imaginative play is an integral foundation for social, emotional, and academic development, so fill an entire day with the power of imagination and all the ways it can be shared and expressed.

With Bernardo’s distinctive illustrations, All You Can Imagine taps into the universal childhood experience of imagination and creative flights of fancy and ties these into large ideas about the benefits of imagination.


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