Baxter Turns Down His Buzz: A Story for Little Kids About ADHD – James M. Foley

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Baxter Turns Down His Buzz is the story of a high-energy rabbit who must learn to control his activity level and impulsiveness. Baxter’s uncle Barnaby guides Baxter through the steps necessary to “turn down his buzz.” Techniques such as mindfulness and progressive relaxation are portrayed in the story. A young child who is able to relate to the animal characters can imitate their coping strategies with direction from their parent.

The bedtime story presents a precious opportunity for children and parents to communicate and review the day. Managing a child’s impulsive behavior often leads to limit setting and stress. Reading Baxter Turns Down His Buzz presents an opportunity for the parents and child to review helpful strategies, end the day on a positive note, and make plans for a better tomorrow.

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