Beyond the Trauma Vortex

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This text engages the help of the media to put the understanding of trauma and its impact on the global agenda. Ross suggests how the media can use their influence to help, advocating messages of peace and sanity over violence and blind rage. Foreword by Peter Levine.

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In Beyond the Trauma Vortex, Gina Ross proposes a collaboration between the media, trauma researchers, and helping officials in order to break the vicious cycle of trauma and violence. The media, Ross suggests, can use their tremendous influence to promote peace rather than violence and to heal wounded psyches, communities, and nations. Delving first into the destructive nature of the “trauma vortex” through a variety of individual and historical examples, Ross then offers her insight into an alternate, restorative “healing vortex.” By focusing on the interrelatedness of personal and collective healing, the author makes a compelling case for why and how media professionals can play an influential role in effecting widespread healing for their viewers and for themselves.

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