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It’s not the thunder that’s so scary, just the way that it arrives. It comes without a warning, and takes us by surprise.

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In lively rhyming text, a courageous boy guides his stuffed animal companions and his parents through a thunderstorm using sensory-based mindfulness to navigate his fear and find quiet within the storm. Through this soothing story, kids will understand that thunderstorms can also bring good things, such as calming rain and water for plants. The atmospheric illustrations capture the darkness of a storm and the light that comes through as fear subsides.

Includes a Reader’s Note with more information about helping kids navigate their own fears around thunderstorms.

"A beautiful book to help young children with thunderstorm fears. It could also be used as a model to help with other fears. Gail Silver provides a concrete model of self-talk and soothing action, showing children how to calm themselves. Although the parents are recognized as a support, it is the child that takes control of his fears. The illustrations by Lisa Fields are exquisite and beautiful. As a pediatrician who is quite familiar with young children’s fears, I recommend this excellent book for every young family’s library."--M. Bidi McSorley, MD.

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