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Bottled Up Inside

African American Teens and Depression *Kevin's Song BOTM February 2023*


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The youth of today are faced with numerous obstacles, and it’s incredible how they can keep so much bottled up inside of them. The pressures of today can often be so troubling, that they are shaken to their very core, and may find themselves bursting at the seams from all the stuff they are keeping inside.

Bottled up Inside: African American Teens and Depression seeks to educate and inform individuals who work with youth through the authors own, personal and professional lived experiences. Depression is a huge health concern for African Americans due to a variety of issues affecting their families and communities. Too many people are not seeking help and treatment, and this has prevented many from healing due to the stigma associated with mental illness. The suicide rate among black teens is increasing with this being the third leading cause of death for young people 15-24. It is essential to discuss the issues of mental health and how it affects people, so when help is needed, people will not be afraid to ask for help. In this book, the reader will learn how to assist youth dealing with the turmoil of adolescence, gain an understanding of depression, identify potential risk factors and protective factors, and learn an intervention to help youth in non-crisis and crisis situations. Rose Jackson-Beavers is the author of 10 books. She is an advocate for teens and works in close collaboration with others to encourage young people never to give up. She resides in Florissant, MO with her family. Rev. Jermine Alberty has worked in the mental health field as an educator and trainer for 12 years and is a national trainer of Mental Health First Aid. He is Executive Director of Pathways to Promise and Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. Alberty holds a bachelor's degree and his Master of Divinity. He resides in Columbia, Missouri with his wife, Dyone Alberty.


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