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Boundary Project

A Treatment Approach for Children with Sexual Behavior Problems


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The cornerstone of the Boundary Project is the family-focused approach with collateral groups for children and their parents/caregivers.  Attachment-focused activities are built into each conjoint parent/caregiver-child session to repair or strengthen relationships that may have been strained, and affect regulation and impulse control strategies are presented and practiced with children and their parent/s and/or caregiver/s. REVISED March 2024

The Boundary Project introduces a structured, integrated, family-focused model for addressing sexual behavior problems in young children ages 4 through 12. This booklet was developed by Dr. Eliana Gil, and has been adapted over the past thirty years from direct work with young children with sexual behavior problems, and the incorporation of research and work from several esteemed colleagues in this field. Rooted in current research treatment components that are effective in the short-term (reducing high-risk behaviors and attending to safety/supervision) as well as long-term recovery from the trauma, event, or familial circumstance that led to the child's behavior, this treatment provides evidence-informed and family-focused framework for children ages 4 to 12 years who present with sexual behavior problems. This is an attachment-focused, integrative approach that includes attention to safety issues, supervision concerns, individual risk factors, trauma histories, and familian factors that may underlie the atypical or problematic sexual behaviors.