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Brain Food Handbook for Mental Health

What to Eat to Relieve Anxiety, Memory Loss, and More


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Here’s some food for thought: does what you eat affect your mental health? The answer is yes! The same way a balanced diet keeps your body healthy, the right foods can improve your brain function and emotional state.

With this handbook, you’ll explore the “mind-gut connection” and start building a diet plan that can keep you sharper, happier, and healthier—inside and out.

  • Your mind, your diet—Find out which foods to eat (or avoid) based on your brain health needs, whether you want to help prevent memory loss, manage ADHD, or reduce anxiety and depression.
  • How food affects mood—Learn why certain foods are better for mental health, and how to create a diet full of brain-healthy nutrients like omega-3s, lean proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables, probiotics, and fermented foods.
  • Beyond the ingredients—It’s not just about the food—get tips for tracking your habits, eating mindfully, and treating nutrition as holistic self-­care. 

Feed your body to feed your mind with this nourishing brain food book.


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