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Focuses on the use of art therapy with victims of domestic violence and trauma.

This volume demonstrates the power of art therapy as a tool for intervening with children from violent homes. Emphasis is given to the short-term setting where time is at a premium and circumstances are unpredictable – because within this setting, mental health practitioners often experience a sense of helplessness in their work with the youngest victims of abusive families.
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1. The Role of Art Therpay in Assessment and Treatment of Children from Violent Homes: An Overview

2. Working with Children from Violent Homes

3. Art Evaluation with Children from Violent Homes

4. bArt Intervention with Children from Violent Homes

5. Child Sexual Abuse

6. Developing Art Therapy Programs for Children from Violent Homes


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Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions 9.78 × 7.62 × .71 in

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