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This book was written by therapists Kim Harman and Debbie Malloy. They work with children who often experience stress and sometimes trauma when their parents decide to divorce. Kim and Debbie felt inspired and compelled to create a story that would answer many of the anxiety provoking questions children struggled with relating to this thing called “divorce.”  Buddy, a friendly rabbit, helps Holly find age appropriate answers to her questions while allowing her to have a voice and express her feelings. A sense of security is what Holly discovers when she makes friends with Buddy. By simply listening, Buddy gives her the courage to express outwardly negative emotions to those that serve as a support system during her time of difficulty.   It is the hope of the authors that children and their parents gain an understanding that divorce is a grieving process. It is a loss of a dream a family once held and will take time to heal.

Vabella Publishing

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