But I Need Your Help Now! Stepping Up Social Skills Paperback – Bryan Smith


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Isaac is impatient and a little rude. When he needs help, he wants immediate assistance. When he has questions, he wants instant answers. If he doesn’t get a speedy response, this second-grader interrupts others by shouting and grabbing.

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Isaac never waits his turn and does whatever he feels like to get an adult's attention, including hollering at his teacher and seizing the shirttail of a store clerk. Watching him interrupt others is a masterclass in bad manners and embarrassing behaviors. And it's not just his lack of patience and poorly timed interruptions that cause chaos. He mistakenly stays quiet during an emergency when an adult's attention is desperately needed.

The result is a yucky, sickening mess.

In the pages of But I Need Your Help Now!, young readers learn valuable lessons about how to wait their turn, stop blurting out in the classroom and interrupt the right way - when necessary!

This is the first title in award-winning author and school counselor Bryan Smith's new Stepping Up Social Skills series. Included are tips for educators, counselors, and parents. boys Town Press.


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