Calm Classroom Elementary And Middle School Manual – Jai And Joy Luster

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The Calm Classroom Elementary & Middle School manual includes 42 scripted mindfulness-based techniques that are easy to learn and teach.


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The curriculum includes breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques designed to meet the developmental needs of students in both elementary and middle school classrooms. The manual also includes guidance around creating an effective implementation schedule, introducing the program, and engaging students with leadership opportunities.

  • 12 Breathing Techniques
  • 15 Focusing Techniques
  • 4 Relaxation Techniques
  • 11 Stretching Techniques

Purchasing a hard copy of our manual also gets you one year of access to our digital manuals, with guided exercises, audio recordings, and other regularly updated content. Renew through Calm Classroom after your first year for only $8/year if you so choose.



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