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The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy Puppet Set


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This puppet is a must have with the story “The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy” as it brings the book alive for your client’s. Children love interacting with the Clammy puppet while being read to. Clammy is a unique puppet as she has removable Sandi and Pearly puppet characters insider her mouth for added interactive fun. These handmade, hand painted puppets are unique and no two are alike.

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“Sandi was a grumpy grain of sand living in a reef.Every day, she would watch fish and other animals swim and play around her."If only I had spines or spikes, a shell or fins!" she groaned. "Then I would not be stuck on the ocean floor, alone and ugly!” Don't go with out this beautifully redone clam in your puppets!


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