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Creating a Healthy Balanced Life



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Living a healthy, balanced life is a process that happens moment-to-moment, day-to-day, and is filled with surprises and challenges. It is not something that can be placed on a scale and then equally divided between our relationships, work, recreation, and self. Our daily choices guide us in balancing our life. When we become more present in our daily thoughts and actions we can create a healthier, more harmonious balance, and take personal control of our life.
The ultimate goal of Creating a Healthy Balanced Life is to provide the therapist, group facilitator, or lay leader ideas and resources for facilitating individual or group sessions on living a healthy balanced life. The authors approached the subject with the understanding that every individual has their own definition of health and balance, as well as their own picture of what a healthy balanced life might look like. Using current literature, personal clinical practice, and life-experience, the authors designed this book as a framework for presenting key topics to help enhance the quality of life for others.

The book is divided into five chapters:
• The Mind Body Soul – balancing life begins and ends with the self. When an understanding of what lies within is established, a person can make choices and take action toward a healthier more balanced way of living.
• Attitude – approaching life with a positive attitude allows us to be open to what each day brings and to acknowledge our many blessings. Living a healthy balanced life becomes a natural process when we approach each day with optimism and excitement.
• Stress-less – stress is part of everyone’s life. The goal to a healthy balanced life is not to eliminate stress, but to learn how to manage it by developing coping skills, simplifying, and creating an awareness of our responses to the world around us.
• Relationships – surrounding ourselves with people who help us make meaning out of our talents and strengths, and who support us in sharing who we are in the world are critically important in living a healthy balanced life.
• Leisure/Recreation/Play – in order to stay healthy and balanced there as to be an outlet, a release for the mind and body. Through recreation and play this release can be witnessed by tears of laughter, exhaustion from physical movement or silence to focus the mind.
Each chapter includes unique activities and handouts utilizing eight styles of learning so you can successfully engage all of your clients and groups on a journey toward a healthy balanced life.
Creating a Healthy Balanced Life includes eight different styles of activities. These have been integrated to facilitate exploration of a multiplicity of concepts within each chapter’s topic. They include:
• Worksheets
• Cards
• Checklists
• Meditation
• Journaling
• Creative expression
• Quotations
• Sentence starters
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