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Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom

Effective, Low-Cost Way for Educators to Help Students Manage Stress


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Mindfulness is an effective, low-cost way for educators to help students improve their social and emotional wellness as they learn and grow.

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The authors share practical tools that align to the five key categories of mindfulness benefits -stress reduction, attention, emotional control, positive self-concept, and positive interactions- and offer a step-by-step process for establishing a formal school or classroom mindfulness program.

- Recognize what mindfulness is and is not, in order to use mindfulness practices in the classroom, so that students know how to cope with their emotions.
- Consider research that presents the benefits of mindfulness practices, to help students focus their brains for extended periods of time and increase their emotional intelligence.
- Get student-friendly definitions of mindfulness terms, to make students more mindful of their emotions and ultimately foster better classroom cultures and higher student achievement.
- Answer chapter-ending comprehension questions and compare your answers to those provided in an appendix, to examine your understanding of mindfulness.
Chapter 1: Research and Theory
Chapter 2: Stress Reduction
Chapter 3: Attention
Chapter 4: Emotional Control
Chapter 5: Positive Self-Concept
Chapter 6: Positive Interactions
Chapter 7: Steps for Implementing Mindfulness in Your Classroom or School
Appendix A: Answers to Comprehension Questions
Appendix B: Noteworthy Books, Programs, and Resources
References and Resources