Dare!, Tough!, Weird! Book Set

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Dare! is told from a bystander’s perspective, Jayla sees that Luisa has become the class bully’s new target. Jayla initially goes along with the bully relieved that she is no longer the target. However, she sees the errors of her ways and eventually befriends Luisa (target of bully) and stands up to Sam (the bully).
Tough! is told from the bully’s perspective, Sam has to be tough. She gets lots of practice at home where she is bullied by an older brother. She is eventually helped to reevaluate her mean spirited behavior towards others.
Weird! is told from a third grader perspective, Luisa describes her case of being targeted by bullying. After talking to her mom, Luisa stands up to the bully. She finds that “the more I act like I don’t care the less she bothers me… now that’s weird”

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