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Domestic Violence and Children



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This book describes the impact of domestic violence on children and provides support for education and social care professionals, suggesting practical ways in which Education staff can meet the needs of pupils from difficult home backgrounds.

What can schools and social care workers do to help children affected by domestic violence?
Large numbers of children are affected by domestic violence. The problem crosses every social class and culture. It causes distress and anxiety in children and adversely affects their learning and play, as well as their behavior, well-being and attendance.
Education staff may know of a child or family in crisis, want to help, yet feel outside their comfort zone, grappling with a complex issue not covered in their training. This book describes the impact of domestic violence on children and provides support for education and social care professionals. It takes heavy workloads into account and suggests practical ways of meeting the needs of pupils who come from difficult home backgrounds.
The authors provide guidance and advice on:
Identifying and responding to signs of distress
Helping pupils to talk about and make sense of their experiences
The impact on parenting and how parents can be supported
The needs of young people in refuges and temporary accommodation
Pupil safety and government safeguarding
Guidelines educating young people and the community about domestic violence
Specialist domestic violence services and other agencies that support schools
Draws on the expertise of a wide range of professionals, including specialist domestic violence children's workers and counselors, psychologists, teachers, mentors and family support workers. It provides essential help and information to all children's service directorates, as well as a range of professionals in education, social care, health and the voluntary sector.
Routledge, Taylor and Francis


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