Embracing Anxiety: How to Access the Genius of This Vital Emotion- Karla McLaren

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In eight concise chapters, you’ll learn to see anxiety as a significant and essential part of your emotional realm and your ability to get things done.

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“Anxiety is a brilliant and vigilant emotion that looks ahead and helps you prepare for the future. But you wouldn’t know any of that if you looked for books on anxiety or listened to people complain about it. In most cases, anxiety is treated as something to tamp down, rationalize away, repress, or extinguish. In Embracing Anxiety, you’ll explore this wonderful emotion and learn how to listen to it, how to work with it, and how to access its wisdom. You’ll also learn how to distinguish it from fear (which helps you focus on the present moment), from confusion (which helps you take a time out from focus when you need a break), and from panic (which is a life-saving emotion that helps you fight, flee, or freeze when you need to). You’ll learn how to identify anxiety clearly, work with it creatively, and develop a healthy relationship with it. When your anxiety is healthy and well-situated in your psyche, it will contribute gifts and wisdom that are irreplaceable”–




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