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Emotional First Aid



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More and more behavioral healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals are being asked to leave the relative comfort of their regular workplace and work in disaster scenarios.
This timely publication, Emotional First Aid, is a crisis intervention field guide for behavioral health first responders and second responders. First and second responders from novices to those with years of experience will find information to help them respond to emergencies more effectively. Just because you may be ready and willing to go does not mean, in and of itself, that you are prepared to go. In this book you will find many of those preparation and response concerns addressed. Direction is given and many forms and guidelines are provided to help make your experience in this relatively new venue a rewarding one. Being unprepared will distract from your mission, from your satisfaction, and steer you away from responding in the future.
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Highlights from Emotional First Aid - A Field Guide to Crisis Intervention and Psychological Survival include the following:
-Basic crisis intervention and emotional first aid procedures
-Force protection procedures and resiliency information
-Information for adjusting one's mindset to the disaster scenario
-What to take with you when you go
-Special concerns about which each responder should be aware
-Reproducible reference forms, tests and tables for use before, during and after responding to critical situations.
Chapters include:
Chapter 1 – Traumatic Crisis and Its Aftermath: What are we up against?
Understanding the situation is vital to providing useful Emotional First Aid.
Chapter 2 – What to Do and How to Do It: Heading the need for speed.
Respond now. Crisis intervention needs to be timely in order to be effective.
Chapter 3 – Crisis Triage: Attending to those who can benefit the most
Those who can survive must survive. The ability to triage effectively is paramount to providing effective crisis intervention.
Chapter 4 – Intervener Survival: Indispensable Self-Care.
Effective force protection must be in place if effective emotional first aid is to happen.
Chapter 5 – Victim and Sufferer Survival: Helping to bounce back.
Resiliency will out.
Chapter 6 – Altered Standards of Care: A subject no one wants to talk about.
Prepare yourself for this eventuality or don’t get involved in crisis intervention.
Chapter 7 – Hostile Environments: Knowing what to get into – Knowing when not to go.
Prepare for the worst.
Chapter 8 – Preparation: “The Orange Bag Denial”
Get your stuff together know so you are ready for the call. Emotional first aid can’t wait for you to prepare.
Chapter 9 – Response Protocols: Waiting for the Word
If you are not called, do not go.
Chapter 10 – Law and Order: SCU (Special Crisis Intervention Understanding)
Even responders must know and obey the law.
Chapter 11 – Interpreters and Their Effective Use: Speaking the Same Language
Accurate communication is foremost to effective crisis intervention.
Chapter 12 – A History of the Crisis Intervention Movement and Discipline
Remember the past to avoid repeating past mistakes.
Become a trusted professional responder by being prepared!
Emotional First Aid Reproducible Worksheets
Reproducible Forms
Whole Person

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