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Emotional Well Being Workbook



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Emotional well-being is related to how well we are able to express, understand, cope with, and manage our emotions; as well as, accepting the emotions of other. The Emotional Well-Being Workbook is designed to help your clients connect with their emotions in a way that allows them to live an emotionally-balanced life.

Living an emotionally well life does not mean that your clients will not experience stress, daily hassles, depression or life challenges. Like all people, they will continue to experience loss, grief, hardship, sadness and anxiety. The difference is that they will be armed with the knowledge, skills and abilities to deal effectively with whatever life throws at them. They will be positive people who have the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. They will have the tools and techniques to cope with difficult life situations and maintain a positive outlook and positive sense of who they are as human beings.
The seven sections include:
Section 1 – Bounce Back
This chapter will help participants explore how effectively they bounce back from difficult situations and circumstances.
Section 2 – Identify and Express Emotions
This chapter will help participants explore how effectively they express their emotions to other people in their life.
Section 3 – Balance Work & Personal Lives
This chapter will help participants determine how well they are living a balanced life.
Section 4 – Maintain a Hopeful Outlook
This chapter will help participants explore how hopeful they are about the future.
Section 5 – Feel Good About Yourself
This chapter will help participants explore how they feel about themselves.
Section 6 – Accept Change & Go With the Flow
This chapter will help participants explore how well they are able to be spontaneous when their lives change.
Section 7 – Enjoy Life, Laugh & Have Fun
This chapter helps participants explore how much fun and joy they are experiencing in life.
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