Fix It with Focus; A Story about Ignoring Distractions and Staying on Task – Bryan Smith


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Spring is in the air! That means great things like warmer weather, playing outside, and baseball!


So, when Blake is distracted by kids in the schoolyard, it’s no wonder why he doesn’t notice his friends working on the ground and knocks over their project! And when things are slow in the outfield and Blake begins to work on a dirt clump beneath his feet, is it a surprise he doesn’t see or hear the warning before a baseball nails him in the elbow? And come on, how is he supposed to keep working on his math test when it’s taking FOREVER, and he just wants to go outside?

Focus. Focus. Focus. That is the advice Blake frequently hears but fails to follow. Although he may be struggling with focus and learning to stay on task, the adults in his life are there to help teach him how to use tools like the work/brain break cycle, squishy eraser, glove tapping, and more!

Fix It with Focus adds another entertaining lesson to the very popular Executive Function series by award-winning author, school counselor, dad and coach Bryan Smith. Being able to focus is an important life skill and can help set children up for success.

Included at the end of the story are tips for parents and educators to help teach children in grades K through 5 how to channel their energy, time-management and self-monitoring skills..

The series also includes:

    • What Were You Thinking?
    • My Day Is Ruined!
    • It Was Just Right Here!
    • Of Course It's a Big Deal!
    • Time to Get Started!
    • What’s the Problem?
    • How Did You Miss That?
    • I’ll Never Get All of That Done!
    • How Do I Remember All That?


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