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The Self Esteem Shop has created FRESH Start Kits (Feelings, Reassurance, Empathy, Safety, & Hope) for parents, school counselors, and other educators to help children and teens cope with current events.
The “FRESH Start” Upper Elementary/Middle School Kit includes:
(F) Each Kindness (A girl learns how her poor choices have a ripple effect)
(R) 365 Days of Wonder (Daily words of wisdom that encourage dialogue about values and beliefs)
(E) Judgmental Flower (Teaches valuing differences in others.)
(S) Say Something (An anti-bullying and teasing story that teaches how to be an “upstander” instead of a bystander)
(H) What Do You Do With an Idea? (Inspirational story of growing and developing an idea.)
We hope these resources prove to be valuable. We greatly appreciate your patronage, as it helps support a family owned independent bookstore.

The current political situation has left millions of children and teens in the United States feeling vulnerable. Fears of parental deportation and shattered home lives, fears of being bullied because of race, faith, or lifestyle (LGBTQ) have many of our youth feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.
Resources for the Self Esteem Shop FRESH Start Kit (Feelings, Reassurance, Empathy, Safety, & Hope) are designed for parents, school counselors, educators, and other helping professionals to help children and teens cope with current events.
These resources will assist parents and professionals by helping them to:
Talk to children and teens to address their fears
Help children and teens cope with their emotions
Reassure and comfort children and teens
Teach children the importance of empathy
Help children and teens feel safe
Offer children and teens hope
Current "FRESH" Kits include Preschool, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary & Middle School, High School, High School & Beyond, and School Counseling.


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