Gifts from the Enemy

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In this true and moving picture book, Alter Wiener, a teen survivor of Nazi prison camps during WW II, takes young people back in time when an unexpected person demonstrated moral courage in repeated acts of kindness toward him. Gifts from the Enemy, written by Trudy Ludwig and illustrated by Craig Orback, shows how acts of social justice and kindness can change lives.  (Additional details below)

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Gifts from the Enemy teaches children in age-appropriate language about the dangers of hatred, prejudice, and stereotyping and that there are good and bad in every group of people. The accompanying questions and activities for readers provide teachers and parents with helpful direction in presenting this history and the valuable story. Gifts from the Enemy highlights how acts of social justice and kindness can change lives.
Survivor Alter Weiner’s  comments at the end of the book speak to all of us.
“It is my hope that Gifts From the Enemy will help young readers to understand that both the wicked and the virtuous can be found in every group of people. Stereotyping or sweeping guilt by association is unfair and unjust…It is also my strong wish for today’s children to never give up hope in their efforts to make this world a better, more caring place for all.”

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