Goodbye Yucky Thoughts and Feelings: An EMDR Workbook for Children- Ann Waldon LCSW

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Using this workbook, the child EMDR psychotherapist guides the child client through the EMDR protocol.

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Visually appealing illustrations based on children’s drawings are used to encourage the child to draw imaginal and existing resources for strength, mastery, and comfort. Using these drawings, the therapist prepares the child for processing a trauma. Then, after the child draws a safe place, the therapist uses the workbook to help the child identify the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations related to the trauma. The child is then ready for Phase 4, desensitization and reprocessing of the trauma. The workbook continues by helping the therapist guide the child client through the remaining phases of the protocol, finishing with a Certificate of Accomplishment for the child to keep. Instructions for the therapist and worksheets for the therapist’s notes are included.




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