Group Therapy Card Deck for Clients and Therapists- 99 CBT, DBT, ACT and Positive Psychology Tips and Tools

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Renowned psycho-educational learning expert and author of the highly praised Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox series, Judith Belmont, bring us The Group Therapy Card Deck. Designed with you in mind, it offers 99 therapeutic exercises that support impactful group sessions.


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Each card includes a unique activity that draws from some of the most effective approaches in therapy. The cards serve as stand-alone treatment activities to help clients understand therapeutic concepts, build coping skills, and generalize their skills outside of the group.

  • Group Team Building to increase cohesiveness
  • CBT to dispute distorted thinking
  • DBT for embracing life’s contradictions
  • ACT to accept what you cannot change
  • Positive Psychology for fostering optimism
  • Format:Book – Card DeckLength:101 pagesDimensions:3″ x 5″Author:JUDITH A. BELMONT, MS

Card Deck


Card Deck


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